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Walk 2:Hexgreave

10 Nov

Walk 2: Hexgreave  (3.6 miles)

A slightly longer walk exploring the northern side of Farnsfield and the woodland at Hexgreave.

Starting again at the Co-op in the centre of Farnsfield (see walk 1 for details). At the junction of Tippings Lane and the Main Street near the entrance to the Co-op. Cross the Main Street to the front of a charity shop with a post box outside it. Turn left along the Main Street and walk for one hundred yards along the pavement until you reach the bottom of New Hill just after the greengrocer’s.

Turn right up New Hill. On the opposite side of the road as you ascend the hill are the village centre,library and chip shop. At the top of the hill cross Chapel Lane and continue for another 100 yards,passing the tennis club on the other side of the road, as the road becomes Broomfield Lane. Carry straight on crossing Far Back Lane and continue going straight for another 300 yards. Here the road you are on reaches a dip where the disused railway formerly crossed it. This railway line is now a pleasant path to walk along. However, our route continues straight ahead.

Rising out of the dip you reach the end of the village and ahead of you see a long, straight road. Walk along this between hedges hiding fields of crops. Go through the gate to the right of the automatic gates on the road by South Lodge with a sign marking the entrance to Hexgreave after 200 yards.  The grass verge beside the road widens at this point and you may prefer to walk on this rather than the road, although there is little traffic.

The road from Farnsfield to Hexgreave

Go all the way to the end of the road where it forms a junction. Here turn right up a small hill. It is possible to cross the field on your left along a footpath at this point but the path is occasionally indistinct and overgrown. At the top of the rise on the road you come to a junction at the end of a lovely avenue of lime trees.

                     Avenue of trees on the road to Hexgreave

Turn left at the junction to walk along this avenue. After 100 yards the path across the field meets the road. The road then starts to climb again and bends to the right. You reach a collection of buildings at the top of the hill. The largest of these is Hexgreave Hall which now has a collection of other buildings nearby which are businesses. Keep following the road between the buildings until you pass the last of them.  Down the hill ahead of you is another fine avenue of trees which leads to the A617. You may like to wander down through the trees before returning to my walk. I have seen a good selection of birds here including nuthatches and woodpeckers.


To continue my walk from the top of the avenue of trees look for a post marked with a yellow footpath sign to the right of the road and follow this turning to the right through the trees.  This leads to a gate which enters a large field. The path follows the fence through the field but can be on either side of it. This is because the field contains deer which are kept to the other side of the fence from where you walk.

At the other end of the field after some 400 yards you come to another gate. Go through this into a smaller field and a short section of grass to another small field. Cross this continuing in the same direction as before.  This brings you to a farm road. Turn right to a junction of roads and continue straight over with farm buildings to your right.

Follow the road for 20 yards after the junction but as it heads off towards a sign saying PRIVATE turn off slightly to the right across the field continuing almost in the same direction as before the road turned to the left.  There is a marker post indicating the footpath and you may well see a distinct path across the field. This is certainly so when crops are growing but sometimes the way isn’t clear. If this is the case then the path heads towards the pylon about 300 yards ahead. From there keep on going in the same direction towards the furthest away of the three trees ahead of you, some 400 yards away. From that tree you should see a gap in the hedge ahead where the path leaves the field.

At the end of the field you come to the disused railway track which runs as far as Southwell four miles to  the east. Cross the railway track and go through a gap opposite near a bench. This brings you to a wide grassy track. It can be muddy at this point for about twenty yards or so but thereafter is in a good state. Turn right along this track through the slightly muddy section and keep going straight all the way back into Farnsfield. After 100 yards the track leaves the grass behind as you reach a house on the left. The path becomes gradually firmer. Near the pumping station and the first houses on your right the track becomes a metalled road (Brickyard Lane). Just past the turning to the pumping station the road passes between hedges with no verge. In the unusual event of a vehicle coming down the lane take care here.

You soon reach the main part of the village with houses on either side. Carry on all the way to the end of Brickyard Lane where it turns sharply right to meet The Ridgeway very near to the junction with the Main Street.  At this point you can join Walk 1 from this site by crossing the Main Street and turning left. The two walks combined make a circuit of just over five miles.  On the north side of the street near The Ridgeway is The Plough pub. If you are just doing walk 2 turn right along the Main Street. You can proceed on either side of the street but need to cross it at some point to return to the Co-op.  After 300 yards you return to your starting point.