Walk 9: Robin Hood Hill and Oxton

21 Aug

This is a short walk using some of the new paths near an ancient hill fort that have been established around the villlage of Oxton since the year 2000. It is a circular walk that can just as easily be started from Oxton. I have chosen to start it from the Hill as it can be used as an extension to the previous walk from Farnsfield. The views from the top are excellent.

Start: Robin Hood Hill

Distance: 3.5 miles

From the top of the hill drop down and then up to the top of the other mound to the south. This gives more good views as described in the previous walk. Carry on south descending from this mound. As you reach the bottom of the mound take care as there is a small drop of about two feet. Once over this drop carry on across the grass to reach a track alongside a hedge. Follow this track for 100 yards. Where the track turns to the right you go through a cap in the hedge by a tree and then straight on across a field. This path is usually obvious but if not just carry on in the same direction as the track you just left aiming for a small gap in the hedge 200 yards away at the end of the field. Going through this gap takes you into another field. Again go straight on aiming for the large trees in the middle of the field. Go under the trees straight on along the footpath until it becomes a wide track.

At this point you will see a new wooden sign pointing to the right. This is part of the Diamond Jubilee Pathway. Turn to the right following the signpost. The path takes you along the edge of the field for 200 yards before going through to another field. Keep going almost straight on bearing slightly left as the path then starts to descend towards a wood. Follow the path as it skirts the edge of the wood without ever entering it. The path turns sharply to the left at the corner of the wood and then after another 200 yards turns right for a short way until it reaches the road. Go through the gap in the hedge onto the path by the side of the road. Turn left and follow the road into Oxton for nearly half a mile  using the firm pathway at first and then pavement as you enter the village.

As you enter the main part of the village you come to a junction. On your left here is the Green Dragon pub which has been renovated recently. Turn left at the junction, passing the pub entrance, then immediately after the pub car park turn left up a slightly rough road (or take a short cut through the car park). This road is officially called Windmill Hill, the alternative name for Robin Hood Hill. After 100 yards the road starts going uphill and gradually becomes rougher until eventually it is a wide track. Carry on up the track which is quite steep for a while with banks and a hedge on either side. After 400 yards the track gets flatter and on the right you come to a footpath sign indicating the Milennium Path. Bear right along this path which begins as a wide grassy track which is good to walk on with hedges on both sides. After 300 yards the track starts to deteriorate a little but is still reasonable walking. Keep going almost straight on with the hedge immediately to your left. Soon the hedge on the right of the track disappears and you are following the egde of a large arable field.

After 200 yards the hedge turns a corner. As it does so turn sharply to the left yourself to keep to the hedgeside. Follow the hedge where it turns right and after fifty yards you come to a gap in the hedge on the left. Go  through the gap into a large grass field on the slopes of Robin Hood Hill.  Walk up the hill with the hedge to your left. This is a very pleasant little valley with a group of trees on the right as you walk up the hill. Often there will be sheep in the field so please take care if you have dogs. At the top of the field you may find that there is a gate to negotiate although this is sometimes left open. Leaving the field brings you back onto Robin Hood Hill near the top which can be climbed again if you wish.


2 Responses to “Walk 9: Robin Hood Hill and Oxton”

  1. Elizabeth Blackwell November 2, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

    Recently did this walk and found the directions on this page very useful. There have been a few changes in the last three years since it was written but it is still easy to follow. Thanks to the author.

    • rob23notts42 November 3, 2016 at 9:38 pm #

      Thanks Elizabeth
      I haven’t done that walk for quite a while even though that is one of my favourite areas locally. I was actually walking through there last week but didn’t have time to do a circuit to see if there were any changes.

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