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Walk 10: From Farnsfield Along Quiet Roads and Tracks near Halam and Edingley

18 Sep
Many of the walks I have described so far follow paths which can get a little muddy in places. I thought that I would choose a walk on firm tracks and roads which can be done comfortably after wet weather.
Distance: 6.7 miles
Start: The map starts at Farnsfield Co-op but parking there is now limited to one hour so if you need to I recommend parking by the playground at Parfitt Drive which is on the route.
If starting from the Co-op leave the car-park and go up to Main Street. Cross the road and turn right along the Main Street. Walk for 200 yards along the pavement until you pass The Plough pub and reach The Ridgeway. Cross The Ridgeway and take the first road on the right as you go up the hill. This is Brickyard Lane. Walk along this road going almost straight for half a mile, initially with houses to either side, then hedges and fields. Just past a large house on your left the metalled road becomes a track which eventually becomes grassy.  As you reach the end of the grassy track go through a gap on your left past a bench to reach the disused railway track, the Southwell Trail.
Turn right here and follow this firm track. At first you can see over the fields but after 200 yards you cross a bridge and the view becomes restricted by trees to either side. The walking is easy and pleasant enough but for me the straight course of the line and lack of views make it slightly dull. You cross another bridge after another 300 yards and a mile after joining the track come to a picnic area near the former Kirklington station. There is a car park just after the picnic area which can be used as an alternative starting point for the walk.
Walk through the car park area past a house on your left. Just before the railway track goes straight on under a large bridge, we turn left and then right uphill following the track out to the road.  This emerges near the the top of a quiet road. Turn right onto the road and go uphill across the bridge over the railway track. Follow this road as it passes a house on the right and then curves to the left. After 400 yards you reach a road junction. At the junction turn left and then after thirty yards take the right turn along another narrow road. Follow this road up a gentle but noticeable slope for 300 yards until you reach a sharp right hand bend. Keep following the road around the bend. On your left you now have quite a nice view across to Norwood Park golf course and surrounding fields. Ahead the road runs straight ahead for 500 yards and starts to descend towards the village of Halam. This is the back road to Halam and gets very little traffic. The grass verges are also wide which makes it one of my favourite roads in the area to walk along.
After about 300 yards at the entrance to a field on the right hand side of the road look for a field with a wide entrance onto a grassy track.  This is the route of a permissive path which has existed for a few years that takes you around the fields towards Edingley. This path is a good one to walk around as it always seems to be well covered in short grass and in my experience doesn’t get muddy unless it has been very wet. To follow this path enter the field and go straight on following the hedge for 100 yards. The hedge then turns to the right. At this corner turn right yourself to keep the hedge at your right hand side. Follow the hedge for another 100 yards until you come to the corner of the field. There is a large tree stump at this point which you can sit on if you wish. However, there is a bench shortly and you may prefer to wait for that. At the corner turn left and follow the field edge for 50 yards, then as the hedge disappears go through the gap but keep going almost straight ahead and where a new hedge appears keep it to your left.
You soon come to the bench I mentioned. This is a nice spot to sit as you are at the top of a ridge with good views to the north where the ground falls away. Carrying on from the bench the path soon enters a more enclosed path with hedges to both sides. After 100 yards you reach a field again with the hedge only on your right.  Keep going to the corner of the field and turn left when you come to a line of trees separating you from a road. After thirty yards you leave the field on the right and come to the road from Halam to Edingley at the top of Edingley Hill.
Cross the road carefully and go straight on to the quiet road directly opposite. Walk straight along this road ignoring a turn off down the hill at a junction after 100 yards. Keep going straight on up an incline on the road. At the top of this you will see the road going dead straight ahead down and then up a steep dip. This is the way we follow for the next 400 yards. On the way you will pass a bench on the right hand side of the road. The views from this are good  to the east although when seated they can be a bit obscured by the hedges. You can see the plumes of smoke coming from as far away as Newark. Continuing on the road pass the entrance to Newhall Farm and caravan park on the right and a bridleway to Halam on the left. Go to the top of the next rise which is an important crossroads for many walks in this area.
As you reach this crossroads you will see: a path to your left going to Halam, the road going straight ahead down to a farm, and a wide track to your right.  Take this wide track on the right passing a small reservoir on your right as you go. This track has been much improved in recent years after a time when it was almost impassable due to ruts and mud. As you go along the track you have hedges and fields on either side. On your left the ground slopes down to a valley and you can see the next ridge.  After 150 yards on the right is a footpath across the fields passing the caravan site. This gives excellent views and you can choose to go this way to Greaves Lane if you want. However, it can be slightly tricky to find your way down and can get muddy and overgrown near the bottom and I have chosen a different route. Carrying on with my route, after 400 yards you pass a farmhouse on the left. The track turns to the right for eighty yards before reaching a road.
This road only goes to a farm and hardly ever has any traffic on it. The view from here is very good as you are at the top of the ridge looking north towards the fields and Farnsfield. There are various ways of getting down to Greaves Lane but in keeping with the idea of this walk I will stick to the road. Turn right along the road which shortly starts to go steeply downhill under the cover of trees and hedges. The road bends slightly to the left as you go. Take a little care as the road surface isn’t perfect and the descent is quite a sharp one.
After 400 yards you reach the bottom of the hill as the road meets Greaves Lane. Turn right and walk along the lane. The lane is generally quiet but you may meet a little traffic and there isn’t much of a verge so keep your eyes open. After 200 yards you come to a junction with a road on the left which rises to meet Greaves Lane.  Turn down this road (Allesford Lane) which, after an initial short steep drop for 100 yards, flattens out. This road goes almost totally straight on for half a mile. Go all the way along it until you reach the main road from Edingley to Farnsfield. Take care and cross the road onto a pavement on the far side. Turn left and walk along the pavement for almost half a mile into Farnsfield.  Soon after entering the village you will see Parfitt Drive coming off the main road on the left just after a bus stop. You will come to the Ridgeway again if you stay on the right hand side of the road. Cross the main road again and follow it all the way back to your starting point.