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Walks in Central Notts – Walk 31: Extra Loop for Walks from Halam via Holme Lane and Halam Beck

6 Dec

This is a short walk from Halam which can either be treated as a walk in itself or as an addition to other walks around the village. The first half of it is along mostly quiet roads then returning through farm tracks and fields near Halam Beck.

Start: Anywhere in the centre of Halam. For simplicity I will begin at the crossroads in the centre of the village. There is a bus stop nearby either by the village school for buses to Southwell or opposite that near the Waggon pub for buses towards Farnsfield and Mansfield. If coming by car you can park on Church Lane or if you are going to go to the Waggon pub, in their car park.

Distance: 2.9 miles

Route of the Walk

From the crossroads in the centre of the village walk along the pavement on the school side of the road following the main road through the village. Pass the school playground opposite the Wagon pub and continue round the bend. Where I crossed the road in Walk 28 this time stay on the school side. On your right look for a metal kissing gate. This is where we will be emerging at the end of our walk. Just round the bend the pavement on this side of the road disappears and we have to cross over the main road to join the pavement on the other side. Walk along the pavement beside the main road for 100 yards until you see a stream (Halam Beck) and ford just off the main road.   Carry on along the main road but where the pavement crosses the stream cross over the main road again.

There is a road joining the main road just ahead (Holme Lane). Turn right along this road. There is a short area of grass verge but this soon runs out. However this road is normally very quiet and you should be able to walk along the road itself safely. Follow the road as it bends to the left and after another 200 yards sharply to the right. After this right turn the road starts to rise. After 200 yards on your left there is a permissive path going into a field. The route around the fields is described in my Walk 10 and you can return to Halam from that direction. Continuing on this walk we ignore the field and carry on uphill straight along the road. The views start to open out to the right and ahead and after 300 yards we reach the highest point of the road which then flattens out. Descending very slightly for 200 yards we  come to a sharp left hand bend and after that continue along the road straight for 400 yards slightly downhill until we reach a junction with another road.

Turn right onto quite a wide road and soon start to climb quite a sharp hill.  Take care on this section as although the road isn’t very busy there is no footway and approaching the top of the hill you won’t be able to see any approaching traffic until it is close.  After 300 yards you reach the top of the climb and the road flattens out then slightly descends for 100 yards until you reach another junction at the bend of another road.  The road you now reach is the main one from Southwell to Kirklington and traffic does come quickly.   Turn right along the road taking care because of the traffic and the narrow verge.

Fortunately we only have 200 yards on this road before we come to a wide driveway on the right.  Turn right here and go uphill passing a building on the right.  Carry straight on as the metalled track soon reaches a hedge on your left and as you reach the top of the hill the track becomes slightly rougher although by no means bad as it is still firm and in good condition.  You will see a house to your left among trees shortly before you reach the end of this straight track.  Now you must turn ninety degrees to the left and make a choice of which side of the hedge to follow down the hill.  Officially the path goes to the right of the hedge  along the edge of a large arable field.  If the weather has been dry and the path firm you will be fine.  However, after wet weather the path on that side may be a little muddy and you would be better simply following the same firm track we have been on as it turns left down the hill, going to the left of the hedge.

Whichever side of the hedge you choose after 200 yards you reach the bottom of the hill near the entrance to a wood.  Don’t  go into the wood, instead turn right to walk along the edge of the field at the bottom of the slope with a line of trees and hedge to your left with a stream below (Halam Beck again).  This path can be a little muddy after rain.  Follow the field edge almost straight for 400 yards.  Just after a slight kink left in the path look for a footpath off to the left through the trees.  This takes you onto a narrow footbridge over the stream.  Cross the bridge and go out into another large field where you turn right and follow this field edge alongside the stream.  After 200 yards you reach the end of this field near a rather threadbare hedge line.

Again it isn’t immediately obvious which side of the hedge line you should go but it doesn’t matter much.  Turn left here and follow the field edge for 200 yards until you reach a post with a yellow waymark on it at the end of the field.  This waymark indicates that you should carry almost straight on bearing slightly right.  Follow these directions along the  field edge in the next field for 150 yards as far as you can go until coming to trees.  This route differs slightly from the footpath route on some maps.  Turn right at the hedge next to the trees and follow the field edge with the trees on your left for 200 yards until coming to a metal kissing gate.  Go through this in another field and carry on along the field edge.  This is the muddiest part of the walk although still not too bad unless it has been very wet.  After 100 yards go through another metal kissing gate in the hedge on your left to enter another grassy field.  Turn right here and follow the field as it narrows until you reach a third kissing gate.  Going through this takes you out onto the main road in Halam again.  Going straight across the road here takes you onto the route of walk 28 which you can follow.  Otherwise you can turn left here to return to the Wagon pub or the crossroads at the start of the walk.