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Walks in Central Notts – Walk 32: Fiskerton, the River Trent and Morton

25 Jan

This is a short walk alongside the river Trent at first then along tracks, across fields and along very quiet roads back to Fiskerton. It is nearly all on decent surfaces so even after wet weather you should avoid getting too muddy. If you are using public transport there are buses to Fiskerton from Mansfield and Newark via Southwell and a separate bus service to Lowdham.

Start: The bus-stops at the bus shelter by the junction between the main roads in the centre of Fiskerton (Station Road and Main Street). Alternatively use the car park by the Trent at the north of Fiskerton village.

Distance: 3 miles

Map of the Route


If starting at the bus-stops go to the junction between the two main roads. Go straight across the road at the end and reach a wide grass track between houses. Go straight on along this track for fifty yards until you come to a small flight of steps. Go up these and down the other side to join a path next to the river Trent where you turn right. If you have started from the car park go to the corner of the car park nearest Fiskerton village next to the river and follow the riverside path. After 200 yards you meet the route of the walkers coming from the bus-stops and for the rest of the walk we continue together.

Walk along the path with the river to your left and the backs of houses on your right.  You shortly pass the Bromley pub which you may wish to return to at the end of the walk.  After 400 yards on this path you come to the end of the buildings and reach a field where the path which has been firm becomes grassy.  Follow the river at the edge of the field for 200 yards until you reach one of the unusual double gates which are a feature of this part of the Trent.  As you come to the gate the path becomes a little muddy although it is only immediately next to the gate that it is a bit slippery.  This gate is at the point where a beck (Holme Dyke) enters the river below you.  Leave the gate behind and walk alongside the river on an embankment slightly above the level of most of the field.  This means that the path is nice and grassy rather than muddy and it is good walking.  The river here forms a sweeping bend.

River Trent looking back to Fiskerton

River Trent looking back to Fiskerton

Carry on for 300 yards until you reach the next double gate.  You can carry on along the river here but on this walk we don’t go through the gate.  Instead turn right to go down off the bank and along the field edge with trees and a hedge on your left.  After 100 yards you leave the field and go into a car park at the end of a track.  This is for anglers and often won’t have any vehicles.  Go straight on through the car park to join the main firm, wide track.  Keep along this track for 300 yards until you reach a sharp bend.  This is where other footpaths join our track but we turn ninety degrees right to follow the wide track.  The track is usually in good condition though after heavy rain the puddles may be quite large in places.  Follow the track, which improves, for 500 yards until you come to a road.  This is the main road into Fiskerton from the south.  It probably won’t be too busy but don’t be surprised to come across quite fast moving traffic so take care crossing.  Go a very short distance to the right and go through a gate into a large grassy field. There is a notice warning you to Beware of the Bull but I saw no evidence of any such animal. Follow the right hand edge of the field next to a hedge straight on for 200 yards where you come to a kissing gate almost at the corner of the field.

Go through the kissing gate and carry straight on along the edge of the next field.  the hedge in this one is a little more patchy than before and even disappears occasionally.  Keep alongside it for 300 yards until you reach a farm gate at the end of the field which was left open when I came this way.  Go through the gate where the farm buildings are to your left and go straight on for thirty yards to join a pleasant tree-lined avenue along the driveway to the farm.  Walk along this nice avenue for 100 yards until you reach a quiet road junction.  Here turn right to follow the road (Gorsy Lane).  Follow this road straight on ignoring the road coming in from the right after 200 yards.  After another 200 yards you reach the houses of the village of Morton.  Keep following this road (Main Street) through the quiet, attractive village and ignore all roads coming in to meet you.  After 300 yards you come to the Full Moon pub on the left of the road. You may wish to stop at the pub.

Tree-lined road near Morton

Tree-lined driveway near Morton

Carry on from the Full Moon  going straight along the Main Street.  On the left of the road you soon see the church and then leave the village.  Continue along the road  with fields to either side.  Pass Gravelly Lane on the right and follow the main road round a slight bend.  After another 100 yards you come to Claypit Lane on the right.  Turn along Claypit Lane and follow this straight all the way 400 yards to the end passing a few houses on the right.  At the end of Claypit Lane you find yourself back in Fiskerton village on Station Road.  Turn right and follow Station Road for 400 yards back to your starting point at the bus stop shelter.

 If you are returning to the car park by the Trent you can either go to the end of Station Road and turn left along the Main Street which takes you back or go straight on along the path to the Trent as described at the start of the walk then turn left.