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Walks in Central Nottinghamshire – Walk 48: Newstead Abbey, Papplewick and Linby

30 Aug

A walk linking pleasant villages and one of the most famous stately homes in Nottinghamshire. This is mainly on very quiet roads and tracks and should be suitable to be done in all weather without getting muddy.

Start: There are a number of options depending on whether you are using public transport . If coming by bus the Trent Barton 141 goes through Papplewick and Linby on its journey between Mansfield and Nottingham. Newstead station is on the Robin Hood railway line from Worksop to Nottingham.  There are frequent fast buses between Nottingham and Mansfield where there is a stop by the main entrance to Newstead Abbey.  You may decide to come by car and park in the Newstead Abbey grounds although there is an entry charge.

Distance: 6 miles

Map of the Routeast

As I mentioned there are a few options for the start of the walk.  I have decided to describe the walk from Newstead village but it is easy enough to pick it up at an appropriate point if you start somewhere else.

Leaving the platform at Newstead station turn right to go along Station Road with the railway line immediately to your right for 200 yards.  Go across the line at the level crossing and then turn right along another road (Station Avenue) with a recreation ground on your left and railway on the right again until you pass the station on the other side of the railway.  The road then bends to the left and goes under a bridge.  Just before a barrier and the lodge at the entrance to Newstead Abbey you should leave the road to join a track on the right hand side.  This is a disused railway line that is now a cycle track.  Follow this good, firm, very straight track for over a mile.

The track (The Linby Trail) finishes and becomes tarmac as it rises for 50 yards up to a quite busy roundabout.  As you meet the roundabout turn left to go downhill along the pavement into the village of Linby.  After 200 yards you reach the centre of this attractive village which has cobbled surfaces next to a stream that flows down the hill.  On your left is the Horse and Groom pub which is handy for a break if you so wish.  Carry on along the main road through the village.  You should cross the main road as you leave the centre of the village as the pavement on this side disappears and the road is surprisingly busy.  Stay on the right hand side of the road until you are about to leave the village.  As you come to the last of the houses look across to the left hand side of the road where a footpath begins just before the 50mph signs.  Cross back to the other side and take this footpath which bears a little left from the road.

At first you follow a path on the left hand side of an arable field.  The path starts to descend after 300 yards and as you leave the field you go under trees and cross a bridge over the River Leen.  The path then enters a grass field where you follow a hedge on the left hand side and climb steadily.  About half way up there is a gap in the hedge on the left where a footpath goes off to an attractive church which you may want to look at. If you do that you should return to this path again.  Carry on up the hill until the path meets a properly surfaced road which goes to the church.  Carry on bearing slightly right along the road up the hill and then start to descend along the driveway past a gate to the first houses of Papplewick village.  Keep straight on until you come to a proper road (Main Street).

There turn left and follow the pavement by the road as it turns sharply right then left.  Stay on the pavement for another 600 yards.  It starts to descend after leaving the village.  On the left as the main road turns to the right again you reach a wide road on the left by a little grassy island with a bench and tree.  This road is an entrance to Newstead Abbey and is another part of the Robin Hood Way.  Leave the main road to bear left here.  There is a small cluster of buildings here including stables and houses.  Follow the road between these buildings with the cricket club entrance on the left. The road bends to the right as it becomes a wide track.  The track is a nice one running very straight with widely spaced trees on each side.  Follow it for just over half a mile until you reach the gates to Newstead Abbey and a cottage next to them.  For walkers there is a smaller gate to the side of the main driveway.  Go through this gate to enter the main park.

Our way stays on its very straight course but the track becomes a properly surfaced road again and the trees become much more densely arranged to the right and the cover more noticeable.  Stay on this driveway, there are grass verges to either side which you may prefer to walk on as, although this isn’t a proper public road, there are occasional vehicles along it.  After half a mile you come to the centre of the park.  The road you are following bends to the left and then right before meeting another wider road.  This is the main one through the Abbey estate which comes from the A60 Nottingham to Mansfield road with the main entrance about half a mile off to your right at this point.  Where you meet this thoroughfare you should turn left along it going downhill towards a lake.  You can see a cricket field on your left and then the Abbey itself.  Go down the hill where you can explore the many interesting features of Newstead Abbey and its surroundings.

Newstead Abbey lake

Waterfall at Newstead Abbey

The walk itself continues along the road passing the Abbey on the left and lake on the right.  You can see a waterfall on your right as the road heads towards some woodland.  The road rises and bends as you reach the woods until at the top of the climb you find yourself hidden from the bustle of the visitors to the Abbey.  Carry on along the road which now descends to reach the end of a long straight avenue of trees.  This is the back way into the Abbey grounds from Newstead village and is not widely used so is generally quiet.

yo Avenue from Newstead Abbey to Newstead Village

There is plenty of room to step aside if anything does come along.  Keep gong along the road for half a mile until  you come to a a lodge at the entrance to the grounds.  Go past a barrier and you will see a path leaving the road to the left. (This is the Linby Trail which you will have walked along earlier if you started from Newstead)   There are also signs pointing the way here.  If you haven’t started in Newstead take the left hand path which takes you onto a disused railway line.

If you have started at Newstead stay on the road to retrace your steps.  Follow it under a bridge and then round to the right.  Then turn left to cross the level crossing and then immediately left again along Station Road for yards until you reach the station.