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Walks in Central Notts – Walk 50: Halloughton and Brackenhurst

4 Nov

This is a walk just to the south of Southwell taking in the quiet village of Halloughton and then across fields to the tracks around Brackenhurst Agricultural College. Most of the walk is on quiet roads and good tracks which should be suitable for walking in nearly all weather.

Start: Halloughton village about a mile south of Southwell. If coming by public transport there is a bus stop and shelter opposite the road into Halloughton on the main road and bus route from Southwell to Nottingham.  There are regular Pathfinder (number 100) buses every half hour during the daytime (hourly on Sundays).  If using your own transport you should be able to park on the road through Halloughton.

Distance: 4.8 miles

Map of the route

If starting from the bus shelter cross the main road and walk along the road into Halloughton village. This is a very quiet road as it only goes to the village and then some farms. The road goes slightly down at first and then climbs a little as you enter the village and go past the church on the right. Stay on the road all the way through the village for half a mile. The road is well-surfaced all the way along. As you leave the village the road continues to climb and the surface isn’t as good, although fine for walking.

After another half mile the road comes to a cattle grid at the entrance to a farm.  Here you should turn right before the grid to join a wide track with a hedge on your left and fields on your right, probably with cows in them.  Follow the track, which is almost totally straight, for 600 yards.  The track is a good one with a decent surface all the way.  There may be a few puddles but the track is wide enough to be able to avoid these.  At the end of the track you come to the entrance to Halloughton Wood which has been to your left for a while, and a junction of tracks.  Going left here takes you into the wood but we turn right into a field through a metal gate, thankfully fixed since I wrote about it coming off its hinges when I did my Walk 29, which we follow for the next mile and a half.

Shut the gate behind you and enter a field.  Go straight on and follow the edge of the field with trees and a ditch just to your right.  After 100 yards turn left still following the edge of the field and follow the line of trees on your right.  After another 150 yards you reach the corner of the field and turn right to leave the field through another metal gate.
You enter another field and follow the left hand edge with a hedge to your left.  The path is a decent one with slightly long grass being the only thing to bother you.  The route is easy to follow for the next mile as you go almost straight the whole way.  you pass through fields following the hedge all the way.  On my most recent visit two of the fields had head-high maize rustling in the breeze beside me.  After half a mile the path changes to a firmer track and soon after switches from having the hedge on your left to your right as you go through a gap almost without noticing it.  The hedge on your right now has tall trees and hawthorn as part of it and the track becomes well defined and wider.  After another 500 yards you reach a driveway to Stubbins Farm on your left.  Carry straight on ahead until you come to a sort of tunnel formed by overhanging trees on both sides of the track.  This tunnel only lasts for 100 yards before you emerge onto open farmland on either side of the track.  Keep going along the firm track for another 200 yards until you reach a road at a right-angled bend.

“Tunnel” of trees near Stubbins Farm

At the road carry straight on, there will probably not be much if any traffic, but take care.  After 100 yards you reach a road junction to your right but should continue straight on.  Just after the junction on the left you will see a gap in the hedge which we went through on Walk 29.  This time we leave the route of Walk 29 and continue along the lane for another 400 yards until we come to the main road.  Carefully cross this and turn right for fifty yards to reach an entrance road into Brackenhurst College.  Turn left along this road and enter the College complex.  Stay along this road past a car park and then walk alongside the road along a wide grass verge.  Go round a bend and approach another car park on the right and then reach a crossroads by some more buildings.  Turn right here.  You can continue along the road but you will see that on the right just past the car park there is a football pitch. It is better to walk alongside the road near the car park to avoid any traffic, although there won’t be much. So go onto the pitch and walk behind the goal with a hedge on your left next to the road.  Keep going to the corner of the pitch area where the hedge ends and you are next to the road again.

Join a track running straight ahead alongside the road either by going through a gate or through a gap just beyond it.  This nice wide track runs next to the road but with a hedge between you and it.  You go downhill to the bottom of the dip where you come to an information board showing a map of the fields and tracks in the Brackenhurst grounds (this one is at point number 15 on the map).  You will come to several more of these during the rest of the walk and they are a useful guide to see where you are.  At the board turn right along another wide track for 100 yards and then turn left along another track going up a hill.  After 200 yards you reach the top of the hill and another board (point number 14).  Stay on the main track here and go straight on slightly downhill then follow the track as it turns to the left near the hedge.  Keep on the track by the field edge as it continues to descend.  After 300 yards you reach a board at point number 7 where there  is a gap in the hedge to the left.

The next section is the only part of the walk that may be a little muddy so if it has been wet you may prefer to carry on for 200 yards down the main track to the next board (6) where my walk comes back onto this track.  To follow my walk turn left here to follow a narrower path across the field for 200 yards to another board (number 8).  Carry almost straight on into another field where the path is at the edge of the field and goes downhill for 200 yards to the corner of the field.  At this bottom corner look to the right where there is a wood.  There is a gap where the path goes into the wood.  Go into the wood and follow a clear pleasant path in the trees.  Just to your left here is a stream which you keep close to.  The path stays straight for 300 yards in the wood before we turn ninety degrees to the right where the stream itself turns to the right.  This next little section is the only part of the walk which may be muddy but even then it shouldn’t be too bad unless it has been very wet.  Follow the path in the wood for 200 yards until you leave the wood and come out onto the wide track we were on earlier near the information board at point 6.  Turn left and go downhill on the track for a short way to cross the stream.

At this point turn right off the track and follow the edge of a field.  The path isn’t very clear but just walk in the grass at the edge of the field going nearly straight all the way. You will hear the traffic on the main road ahead and after 400 yards you reach the end of the field just after a path going off to the right over a footbridge which you ignore and go through a small section of trees before coming to the path by the road.  Turn right and go up the hill for 200 yards until you reach the bus shelter opposite Halloughton where we started the walk.