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Walks in Central Nottinghamshire: Walk 58 – Farndon and the River Trent

20 Apr

This is another walk that stretches the definition of Central Notts a little. Farndon is just south of Newark in the east of the county. However, much of the walk is by the Trent and literally just over the river from previous walks in the blog so I thought I would allow it.

It is a short, easy walk which is nearly totally flat and navigation is straightforward. It comes to within a mile of an earlier walk in Newark and it is possible to combine the two walks with a short linking section. I won’t go into details here but you can message me if you want directions.

The village of Farndon is about two miles south of Newark and well connected with buses to the centre of the village. From there you can make your way towards the Marina where there is a little area of restaurants, such as the Boathouse, next to the river. There is also a public car park.

Start: The public car park near Farndon Marina and the river.

Distance: 3.2 miles (5 kilometres)

Map of the route

From the car park walk with the river to your left and the Boathouse restaurant on your right onto a grassy area. Follow the path next to the river for fifty yards before bearing right across the grass on a narrow but fairly clear path going away from the Trent. You follow this path which soon starts to go straight into another narrower field.  After 150 yards leave the field and turn right for 50 yards uphill slightly along a quiet road.  As this turns right you go left at a footpath sign through a narrow gap into an area of lock-up garages.  Go straight through this area and into a field.  Carry straight on across this pleasant grassy meadow with the marina soon coming into view on the left.

Continue to go straight on at the end of the meadow to a large arable field where you follow a wide firm track for 200 yards . At a path junction you turn right to meet the end of a road which you follow straight into the village. Turn left at the first crossroads to walk on along Marsh Lane.  Follow this straight for 200 yards where you leave the houses behind you and reach another field with a hedge ahead.

Follow the hedge straight ahead along a narrow but good path. The path then meets the back walls of houses next to it on the right. Keep straight on as the path climbs slightly up a bank near a building which was a windmill just as you reach the river again.  Going right here eventually takes you into Newark and also meets my Walk 42.  For this walk however we turn left along the river bank.  Almost immediately you reach a gate with a sign saying that it is private land.  Don’t be put off by this as the path sticks to the bank and as long as you stay next to the river you can walk this way.  Go through a pair of the white double-gates that is a feature of the paths by the Trent into what appears to be a garden with nice short grass and trees.  You soon leave the garden and reach open land again.

Follow the path next to the river which bends a little for the next half mile.  The path is a good one by the river on grassy fields with occasional hedges and trees.  The most obvious landmark that you will see looming ahead is Staythorpe power station on the other side of the river.   After a mile the river makes a sharp turn left and the track becomes wider with large flat fields to your left.  It has been quiet by the river until now but you will start to hear a rushing sound from a weir as you approach the power station.  From here you can’t see much of the rapid water but can see the calm water at the top of the weir just as it starts to disappear along the other branch of the Trent as it divides for a few miles.

Staythorpe power station

The  power station now completely dominates the view but if you turn to look behind you towards Newark you can see another building, the parish church by the market place, standing tall a few miles away.  Continuing on the walk stay by the Trent as it swings away from the power station on another large bend to the left.  The track becomes less open again as you reach an area with more trees.  You reach the start of a nature reserve area with several pleasant paths going into the trees.  You may wish to have a wander around these before returning to the river.  By the river you come to benches which are a nice place to sit for a while.

The path soon approaches Farndon marina again and going straight on brings you to a white footbridge over the marina entrance from the Trent.

Farndon Marina


Go straight across the bridge and then down a surfaced path bearing slightly to the right.  This takes you back towards the starting point of the walk again and you are soon in the car park area with a variety of options for meals or drinks.