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Walks in Central Nottinghamshire – Walk 59: Rainworth and Strawberry Hill

23 Jul


This is a short walk starting and finishing in the large village of Rainworth, about 3 miles to the east of Mansfield.  The first and last sections are in the village but the middle loop is around the pleasant heathland and woods of the Strawberry Hill nature reserve.  The paths are good and drain well so the walk should be suitable for all seasons and conditions.  There are frequent bus services to Rainworth from Mansfield with a bus stop right at the start of the walk.

Start:  The east side of Rainworth on the main road through the village at the junction with Helmsley Road.

Distance: 3 miles

Map of the Route

From the junction with the main road through Rainworth walk along Helmsley Road, a fairly quiet residential street, straight for about 400m until you reach the end of the cul-de-sac where it meets fields.  Take the wide track at the end going straight on to the left of the fields.  This track continues straight for 300m and then bends slightly to the left near a wood.  The path ahead splits into two going only slightly apart and it doesn’t really matter which you take as they both come to a bridge shortly after.

Go across the bridge which goes above the Rainworth bypass.  You will hear the traffic but won’t be able to see it as the bridge’s sides are boarded off and solid (and graffiti- covered).

On the other side you find yourself at the top of a wide track in woodland.  Carry straight on downhill on the main track ahead for 300m ignoring any narrower paths to either side.  At the bottom of the hill you reach a T junction with another slightly narrower but very obvious track.  Turn left here and walk steadily uphill on the narrower but straight track for 300m.

Bear right along an even narrower more twisting path for 250m until you go past a wooden sign marking the entrance to the Strawberry Hill reserve. Go downhill quite steeply on a path more sandy than the firm paths you have been on so far with a fence to your left. At  the bottom there is an information board on the right just off the path and another wooden Strawberry Hill sign at a path junction ahead.  The path we have been on continues to the left by the fence but you should turn right by the sign to go uphill on a sandy narrow path.

This is quite a sharp incline but is only a short one.  The path is a little uneven at first then at the top of the climb turns to deep sand as the path bends to the right with trees and bushes close to the path.

After a short flat section go downhill to reach a large pond on the left with ducks, moorhens and other water loving birds likely to be present.  As you reach the end of the pond turn sharp right uphill to follow a clear path under the trees.  Go for 400m to the top of the hill and an information board as you reach more open ground.  Turn right on a good path then almost immediately left downhill on another path that goes off from this one diagonally on a sandy surface.

At first you are in the open amongst heather then the path goes between trees to reach a wide track.  Turn right for short way to return to the first path junction you came to after the bridge near the start of the walk.

Turn left and retrace your steps up the hill, over the bridge and into Rainworth again.