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Walks in Central Nottinghamshire – Walk 60: Farnsfield Station and the White Post

31 Jan

This short walk is a circuit going west from Farnsfield along the disused railway track to the A614, past the White Post Inn and returning across fields. This is a walk I have done many times but haven’t included before because some of it is close to the very busy A614.  It also includes a very steep bank which until the last couple of years was tricky to negotiate but now has steps to help.  The walk is suitable in almost any weather as the railway track is in good condition and the fields drain pretty well so you are unlikely to find the paths too muddy.  Occasionally crops are a bit overgrown or fields have been ploughed which are slightly awkward walking but that is unusual.

The nearest bus stop to the start is on Cockett Lane which is on the Sherwood Arrow and 28B bus routes.  You can join the walk at the White Post or in the centre of Farnsfield which also have stops.

Start: The car park just off Station Lane in Farnsfield near the old station by the disused railway track.

Distance: 3 miles

Map of the Route


A path I haven’t described before is the disused railway track to the west of Farnsfield.  There is a car park just off Station Lane right at the far west end of the Lane.  If you are coming from Cockett Lane into the village turn left about 50 yards along Station Lane onto a wide, surfaced track.  Go past the old station house, now a private house, to reach the car park about 100 yards along.  There are picnic tables nearby and a choice of paths using the former railway lines.  You are very close to the Southwell Trail here which runs along the old line between Southwell and Bilsthorpe.

From the car park if you go towards the picnic table nearer the trees and turn left you join the old line that went to Rainworth and Mansfield.  Go past the station house and continue straight on.  In the undergrowth on the right of the track you can see the remains of the platform of Farnsfield station.   Just after this go under a bridge beneath Cockett Lane.  Carrying on this way takes you almost straight for a mile all the way to the A614.  The path is good all the way although towards the end of summer it can be a little overgrown.  You initially go through a cutting with grass and gorse banks to either side.  Go under a second bridge and the track is soon at the top of an embankment with views across fields.  As you approach the A614 and hear the traffic ahead you will see the animals of the White Post Farm to your left.

The track gets narrower and gorse bushes encroach a little so that you have to step around them.  You come to a wooden fence with a gap in the middle and find yourself overlooking the A614 with the tops of the rides at Wheelgate adventure park on the other side of the road .  Immediately after the fence are some steps going down a steep bank.  Go down them and then turn left along a narrow, properly surfaced path next to a barrier on your right.  You descend to road level and leave the barrier behind but reach a pavement.

Keep going along the pavement next to the A614 past a garage and the Winner City restaurant to reach a roundabout.  The left turn here takes you past the entrance to White Post Farm and on into Farnsfield but you should use the crossing to reach the White Post Inn.  Stay to the right of the inn and walk through the small car park until you are by the A614 again.  Go uphill along a very narrow verge for 150m.  Take care as the traffic is very busy.  At the top of the rise go over a stile into a field and follow the route of my Blidworth to Farnsfield walk .

The path isn’t very clear in this field but you should follow the edge of the field going away from the A614 keeping a hedge just to your left.

Looking back towards Farnsfield from fields going towards the A614.Looking to Farnsfield from near the A614. 

At the end of this field the path becomes a bit more obvious although occasionally crops and ploughing may slightly affect it.  Aim slightly to the right across the next field where you should see a gap in the hedge at the far side of the field.  Go through the hedge and follow the path through another four quite narrow fields in each case bearing slightly to the right.  You then come to a hedge and bank where you must climb steps up to reach the next field. In the previous fields you have been crossing in the middle of long fields but now you follow the hedge at the field edge.  After 300 yards you reach the end of this field and pass under a tree in the corner which brings you into a very large field extending from the road a few hundred yards away on your left to well past you on the right.  Cross the field straight on along an obvious path aiming for the hedge 400 yards ahead of you.  You are at the highest point of the field looking left across to the road which runs from the White Post to Farnsfield.

As you reach the hedge at the far side of the field go just to left of it and follow it as far as a kissing gate.  The field becomes more enclosed and as you go through the gate you come to a nice small, grassy field between hedges.  Continue alongside the hedge through another gate into another shady field where a bench awaits if you wish to rest.  The way continues straight on along the wide track between hedges and gradually becomes a lane (Vicarage Lane).  300 yards from the bench you come to a road at an extremely sharp bend.  Go through the gate into the field on the left at the end of Vicarage Lane.

The field is a pleasant grassy one, often occupied by sheep or horses.  Aim straight ahead from the gate going down quite a sharp slope to  the bottom of the field before a small upslope to a gate at the far end.  This brings you out beside the Mansfield road next to a bus stop.  Go straight across the road, go left for fifty yards and then turn up a path to the right of a small, reddish building, the old village jail.  Go up this short narrow path which turns left and then goes up some steps.  This takes you into a field with the cricket ground to the left and basketball court on the right.  Bear right towards a building (the village surgery) about 100 yards away and leave the field at a gate.  This takes you onto Station Lane.  Cross the road to a pavement and turn left for 150 yards.

Just after you have passed the entrance to the cricket club look for a surfaced path leaving Station Lane to the right between houses.  Turn up this for 100 yards to reach a road (Alexander Road) where you turn left.  Walk for 100 yards to the end of this cul-de-sac where you go right to a small parking area.  Cross this onto a path and go through a metal gate.  This takes you back onto the railway track where you turn left for 200 yards to return to the car park and the start of the walk.