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Walk 64: Going West from Halloughton to Fields and Ridge

20 Nov

This walk starts in the village of Halloughton just south of Southwell. It goes through farmland and grassy fields going up to the top of a ridge with good views.

Important note

This walk goes through fields which may well have cows in them. When I did the walk I was followed by the cows in one field which got up quite a pace and got close to me. Many people find this behaviour from cows quite frightening and even though I have experienced it many times it is still unnerving for me when it happens. If you find cows worrying then you may prefer to do another walk. My technique for dealing with cows has been effective although I can’t promise that it will work. I find that cows follow me when I am walking away from them but if I turn to face them they stop. I then walk on a bit before turning again. As long as I turn frequently to face them before they get too close they will keep stopping.

Start: Halloughton village about a mile south of Southwell. If coming by public transport there is a bus stop and shelter opposite the road into Halloughton on the main road and bus route from Southwell to Nottingham.  There are regular Pathfinder (number 100) buses every half hour during the daytime (hourly on Sundays).  If using your own transport you should be able to park on the road through Halloughton.

Distance: 4 miles (6.4 km)

Map of the Route

If starting from the bus shelter cross the main road and walk along the road into Halloughton village. This is a very quiet road as it only goes to the village and then some farms. The road goes slightly down at first and then climbs a little as you enter the village and go past the church on the right. Stay on the road all the way through the village for half a mile. The road is well-surfaced all the way along. As you leave the village the road continues to climb and the surface isn’t as good, although fine for walking.

After another half mile the road comes to a cattle grid at the entrance to a farm driveway. There is no sign indicating that the way ahead is a path but it is. Go through the gateway and follow the drive uphill to farm buildings. When you reach them turn left along a decent farm track for 50m. Go into a grassy field on the right, which may have cows in it. Go along the right of the field soon going downhill and alongside a hedge. The going may become a bit soft underfoot as you reach the bottom of the field.

At the bottom go down steps and cross a narrow bridge over Halloughton Dumble in the trees. Go up the steps on the other side into a small area of woodland. Follow the path to reach a field where you turn right for 300m to reach a driveway near a building. Follow the driveway uphill for 300m until you reach a wide track at the top. Turn left along the track for 700m, admiring the extensive views from the ridge, until you reach a large green electrical box on the left and a small copse.

View from the ridge

Officially the path goes left off the ridge just past the trees and then skirts the wood but you can take a short cut by turning off at the green box and going into the field on the near side of the trees.

Just a short way into the field you meet the official path at the corner of the wood and continue downhill with the hedge just to your left. At the bottom of the field turn right and after fifty metres go left into the trees and back over Halloughton Dumble. This takes you to the bottom of a grassy field which can be a bit damp underfoot.

Turn left for 150m to the corner of the field and then turn right uphill. You soon reach a metal gate which you go through into a larger field. This area of the field may well be muddy. Go on uphill with trees and hedge on your left. This field was the one which had frisky cows in it when I walked through it so please take care. The grass is quite long in this field and it will probably be quite soft ground underneath. At the top of the field go through another small metal gate and almost immediately turn right at a hedge.

After 100m go into another field and follow the left hand edge of this field next to the hedge for 300m. It makes a small right hand jink at one point. At the corner of the field you reach the top of a wider track and carry straight on, bearing very sightly left, downhill for 150m. The track becomes a proper farm track and you follow it for another 300m down to a farmyard where you turn left and go through it down to the road in Halloughton again. The centre of the village is to the right and you can retrace your steps to the start.