Walks In Central Nottinghamshire: Walk 65 – The Hidden Paths of Farnsfield

27 Apr

This walk is quite a short one around Farnsfield that connects some of the main tracks and open spaces of the village by using several little paths that go between the houses. They aren’t hidden as such but if you don’t know the village well you probably won’t be aware of them.

Start and Finish : The Green, which is the main bus stop in Farnsfield, just to the west of the church, opposite The Lion pub.

Distance: 4km (2.5 miles)

Map of the Route

From the bus stop at the Green cross to the island in the middle of the road and then to the other side of the main road near the Lion pub. Turn right for 30m where you will see a signpost for a footpath going to the left. Turn left and soon follow a path to the left of a driveway to a house. This narrow “twitchel”, as I have always known it, climbs quite steeply between houses and hedges for about 50m until you come out on Chapel Lane. Turn left along the road which has no pavement but is quite quiet. Go downhill for 100m to the bottom of the road where it meets the main road and follow the pavement on the right for fifty metres and then turn up a path to the right of a small, reddish building, the old village Lock Up jail. Go up this short narrow path which turns left and then goes up some steps.

The village Lock Up
Cricket and Playing Fields

This takes you into a field with the cricket ground to the left and basketball court on the right. Bear right towards a building (the village surgery) about 100m away and leave the field at a gate. This takes you onto Station Lane. Cross the road to a pavement and turn left for 150m.Just after you have passed the entrance to the cricket club look for a surfaced path leaving Station Lane to the right between houses. Turn up this for 100m to reach a road (Alexander Road) where you turn left. Walk for 100m to the end of this cul-de-sac where you go right to a small parking area. Cross this onto a path and go through a metal gate. This takes you back onto the railway track.

Turn right along the track which is soon met by another branch of the railway line. Continue in the same direction for another 150m with houses on your right and fields to the left. The track here is slightly elevated but when you reach the end of the track you make a short sharp descent that takes you down to a road. Go straight across, taking care of traffic which occasionally comes this way. On the other side go up the corresponding sharp climb to the descent you just made to rejoin the wider railway track.

Follow this very straight track for 300m, soon going past the school playing field on the right and then more houses. After the last house very near the track the path becomes a little narrower with hedges and trees on either side. Carry on along the track for another 100m where you will see a footpath signpost on the right. There is also a path going off to the left here which goes across two fields but then stops so you must return the same way, which is why I haven’t included it in any of my walks. Taking the path to the right you go over a stile and low fence into a nice meadow.

Bear right for 100m to another stile next to a hedge near some new houses. Go over the stile onto a wide path and follow this across the road and continue along it for a short distance. You meet a narrow firm path where you turn left. There is a tall hedge on your left and houses on the right. After 150m you reach a road (Milldale Road) and turn right. Cross the road with houses on both sides. After 50m look for a path to the left between houses that goes slightly downhill by their lawns and gardens. In 100m you come to a small grassy area with a few silver birch trees before reaching a road (Brickyard Lane). Turn right for 80m along the lane until you reach a wide road (the Ridgeway). Go left for a short distance downhill to reach the Main Street which you cross.

Turn right for a very short distance until you are opposite the car park of the Plough pub. Look for a narrow path to the left. Take this path away from the street which soon goes under the shade of trees or walls on either side of the path. The path is a bit uneven in places because of tree roots under the surface. Stay on the path for 150m until you reach a junction of paths. Take the path bearing left and continue along it for 120m crossing a road half way along with houses on your right.

At the end of this path you emerge at a bend on a wide, hard track. Going straight on here for 50m takes you to the Acres playing fields which you can wander round if you wish to make this walk a bit longer. However, on this walk we turn right along the wide track. After 100m, just before reaching a proper road, look for a narrow footpath to the right. Follow this path for 100m next to gardens and a fence until you reach the junction of paths we were at a short time ago.

Turn left along a narrow, shaded path, looking out for tree roots. Soon the path becomes properly surfaced as it becomes an alley between houses for 30m. Stop at the end to check for traffic because you are going straight onto a road. Cross the road (Quaker Lane) and go right along the pavement for a very short distance. Turn left along Sunnyside, a narrow well-surfaced footway between houses. You soon reach a junction where you should turn left along a wider track. Follow this for 100m but where the wider track turns left carry straight on along a narrow path for 30m to reach a quiet residential street (Gregory Gardens). Go straight across to another short, narrow path which you follow for 80m.

This takes you close to the southern edge of the village as you come to a road. Turn right and follow the road for 100m around a bend. Turn left along the first road you come to (Beck Lane) and follow this for 200m. Just after a bench on the right of the road turn right up a narrow, surfaced path. Go 300m all the way to the end of this path where the village church comes into view on the right. You reach a road coming downhill but carry on ahead taking the pavement on the right. After 30m you arrive at the Green where the walk began.

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