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Walks in Central Notts – Walk Number 21: Oxton and Calverton

21 Dec

Calverton is just about at the southern border of my definition of Central Notts but I did this walk recently and thought it was interesting.

Map Route

Start: Oxton village hall opposite the church.   In Oxton park either at the village hall or on the main street or if coming by bus there are stops on the main street.  This is a circular walk and could just as easily start in Calverton which has better public transport links than Oxton.  In Calverton you can park in the centre of the village at St.Wilfrid’s Square.

On the Main Street in Oxton turn along the pavement so that the church is on your left and walk along the pavement on the opposite side of the road. Follow the main road for half a mile ignoring all side roads and leave the village. Shortly after the last house you come to the Bridge Inn on your right. Pass this and turn towards the roundabout you see on the A6097 . To get across here you should first cross the road you have been following out of Oxton and then the A6097 using the crossing with a central reservation to the left of the main roundabout as you approach from Oxton.

On the other side of the A6097 you will see a narrow pathway going away from the road with a footpath signpost pointing the way. Almost immediately you are in a large field. Go straight on along the left hand side of the field alongside a line of trees with a wide stream (the Dover Beck) just to the other side of them. Go all the way to the other end of the field some 600 yards away keeping the beck at your side.

At the end of the field the beck turns away but you should keep going straight on leaving the field and entering a small wood. Carry on almost straight ahead along the path at the edge of the wood.  Shortly there is a fork in the path with one branch bearing off to the right but you should stay on the left hand side which soon leaves the wood and comes to another field.  Follow the path alongside the left hand edge of the field next to a hedge.  The path rises a little for 200 yards but then flattens out as you approach the end of the field where the path narrows as it passes between houses and gardens.  After 150 yards you come to a narrow lane.

Turn left along the road which is at the very edge of Calverton.  There appears to be hardly any traffic along this lane (Carrington Lane) which is popular with dog walkers.  Keep along this road for 500 yards with houses on your right and fields to the left.  At the end of the road turn right going around a bend and follow this road for 100 yards.  You reach a junction with a wide track on your left and a road on the right hand side of the junction.  Turn right so that you are heading past houses into Calverton along the road (Crookdole Lane).  After 150 yards turn left onto Park Road and follow the road for 300 yards ignoring all side roads until you come to the end of the road near to the Gleaners pub on the right.  Cross the pub car park to reach the main road through Calverton (Main Street).  Turn right and walk along the pavement by the main road for 400 yards passing St.Wilfrid’s church on your right and cross over the main road.  About 100 yards after the main junction in Calverton where Mansfield Road comes from the right and meets the Main Street keep your eye open for signs to the parish offices on the left hand side of the main road.

Turn left up this drive passing the offices and heading towards the entrance to St.Wilfrid’s School.  After 50 yards it appears that you are about to enter the school yard but just before you get there a path appears on the right and you should turn along this.  The path follows the school fence for a short way and when the fence finishes you will see a footpath coming down the hill to meet ours.  Ignore this path and carry straight on along the bottom of the escarpment.  You soon cross a driveway going to St.Clement’s Lodge but you should carry straight on over the road up a small slope to reach a park with a children’s playground  to the right.  Keep straight on to the end of the park and down to a narrow path which you follow round the edge of a field.  This may be a little muddy after wet weather.  After 150 yards this path reaches a road (George’s Lane).  Carefully cross the road and take a footpath on the other side of the hedge opposite. Turn left and follow the path which runs uphill alongside the road with the hedge keeping you off the road.  On your right is a field sloping down to you.  The path can be a little muddy but isn’t too bad in most weather.

After 200 yards you reach the end of the field and the path turns right away from the road.  The path now starts to climb quite steeply at the edge of the field and this is quite a test especially if it has been wet and the path is a little slippery.  Follow the field edge until you reach the corner of the field after 200 yards as you get quite close to a wood ahead.  At the corner of the field turn right again still going uphill.  After 100 yards you reach the high point of the field and all the effort you have put in is worth  it.  You have excellent views back over Calverton and beyond to Oxton and the ridge behind it.  There are fine views to the north and on the other side of you the ridge near Dorket Head and Nottingham.  From the top of the field turn left to go through a gap away from the field and follow the path between some scrubby land with bushes and long grass on your right and a fence on your left.

The path continues to climb a little and after 100 yards reaches the edge of a golf course.  Turn left and follow the edge of the golf course for a short way until you reach a gate leaving the golf course through a hedge.  Go through the gate and follow a narrow path next to the hedge.  This at first runs alongside the golf course and then turns sharp left at a right angles.  Follow the path  for another 200 yards.  This path can be quite muddy but as you approach the road it gets firmer.  Drop down to the road and cross with care as it can be busy.  Turn right and walk along the verge going slightly uphill for 100 yards before crossing back over at the corner where the road turns left .  Go up a driveway which is more like a road underfoot and climbs steadily for 300 yards.  As you near a building the path leaves the driveway. Turn right and shortly afterwards left to follow the path around the edge of the wood.  As the track turns left again you should go over a stile which takes you back onto the golf course.

This is the highest point of the walk and the views to the north are if anything even better than from the field lower down .  From the stile turn left and follow the firm track around the edge of the course going downhill gently at first and then from the next corner as you turn right, more steeply.  The footpath crosses a wider track across the course as you reach the end of the wood.  The path is a little unclear here but you should go straight across the wider track and carry on down the hill at the edge of the course near some slightly longer grass.  100 yards down the hill you will see a sign warning of the danger of golf balls and next to it an indication of the footpath direction.  Your concerns about whether you are going the right way now eased you should continue down the hill with a small valley on your right before leaving the course by tall Leylandii plants, indicating that you are close to someone’s garden.

Follow the narrow path downhill alongside the garden, soon emerging from the narrow path by the gated house entrance at the top of a wide driveway (actually the top part of  Hollinwood Lane).  Carry on down the lane which isn’t open to traffic except for visitors to the house and, lower down, the golf course.  The lane passes between hedges on either side and is very wide.  After 300 yards you reach a gate where you cross a stile to the left hand side.  Carry on along the lane for another 400 yards slightly downhill with the golf course still close at hand.  At the bottom of the lane you come to a junction.  The road to your right is the Main Street going into Calverton.  Go to the left hand side of the lane you have walked down and cross the main road.  Then turn left so that you are walking along the main road away from Calverton.   The road is busy so try to keep as far over as you can on the verge.  The next 300 yards are the most unpleasant of the walk because of the traffic but you soon reach a crossroads.   Going straight across here you come to another road which has very little traffic.  This was the road that used to go to the A614 but is now closed at the far end.

Walk along this road for 300 yards.  At this point you will see a footpath sign on the right at a gap in the hedge which directs you to a path running parallel to the road alongside a field on the other side of the hedge.  Alternatively you can follow the road for another 300 yards.  This is apparently known as Gravelly Hollow.  As you reach the end of the path alongside the field you reach a wood.  If walking along the road as you reach the wood on your right take the path through a gap in the hedge.  At the wood turn right so that you are walking along a path at the edge of the wood with the large field immediately to your right.  The path is quite clear and after 300 yards you reach a sharp little incline which you should go up.  At the top of this continue straight on.  You reach the end of the field on your right and the path in the wood drops down a short slope to reach a path coming across.  Turn left along this path and after 100 yards you come to a wide forest track.  Turn right along this firm track and follow it for nearly half a mile as it makes its way through the wood.  The path has several quite long straight sections but turns occasionally.  Ignore the minor paths coming off it.

After a sharp left turn you will see on the left of the track a trig point.  This seems rather an incongruous place for it as it would be hidden by the trees and spoil heap from any surveyor.  Presumably when it was erected these features weren’t here.  Continue along the main track with the spoil heap rising to your right.  200 yards after the trig point look for the first clear path on the right as the spoil heap becomes less prominent.  This goes diagonally right bearing away from the main track and cuts the corner.  Take this path across open land with a wire fence on your left and follow it for 300 yards until you come to the main track again.  At the main track  go straight on down the hill for 100 yards until you approach a field ahead.

Just before you get to the field look for a path on the right foing into some longer grass.  Take this path which soon comes to a memorial to Polish airmen from the War.  This is a surprising place to find it but it is a tranquil spot.  Carry on along the path into the woods and keep following the quite narrow path through the woods going generally in the same direction although taking a few twists and turns along the way.  Eventually the path becomes a little wider and you should carry on along this path with the large field visible to your left.  You will soon hear the sound of running water coming from a stream on your right although it is largely hidden by trees.  As the path comes level with the end of the field you should turn left so that you walk downhill along the path at the end of the field.  At the bottom corner of the field carry on through a gap in the hedge and onto a path by another field.  Follow the path for 100 yards until you reach the road (Whinbush Lane) at a junction.

Oxton Bogs

Although there isn’t much traffic it does go fast along here so take care when crossing.  Go straight over to a metal kissing gate by a track on the other side of the road.  You can go around the kissing gate into a field.  Cross this arable field where the path usually appears to be quite clear in my experience.  After 300 yards the path descends to a wood.  Go into the wood and follow the obvious path ahead.  You soon come to a small lake on your left with the unusual sight of half-submerged trees in places.  This area is known as Oxton Bogs.  Carry on ahead following the path which turns and shortly leaves the wood.  turn right and go along a wide track with the wood to your right and fields on the left.  After 50 yards you will see a sign ahead saying it is the Oxton Estate.  Here you should turn left along another wide track and walk straight along this for 400 yards with a hedge to your left and an area of felled trees on the slope to your right.  As you reach the area on the right where the trees start again turn right and go along the path up the slope keeping the area of conifers on your left and the felled area on your right.  At the top of the slope bear slightly left until you reach a farm track.  Turn right along the track and follow it for 200 yards to the main road (the A6097 again).

The road is busy with cars travelling fast but  is also straight so you can see what is coming easily.  The road is a dual carriageway and this means that you can cross in two stages using the central reservation.  At the other side of the road go along a wide farm track for 500 yards going more or less straight on.  Pass a farmyard and go down to the road into Oxton.  Cross this to the pavement on the far side and turn right into the centre of the village.  Pass the Green Dragon pub on your left where you may wish to stop for refreshment after your walk.  Alternatively, cross over on to the main street and return to where the walk began.