Map and List of the Walks

I thought it would be a good idea to list the walks and show how they link with other walks in the series so that you can make your own longer walks if you want to.  I am not including in the links walks from Farnsfield which merely start and finish in the same place but where there is some part of the route which overlaps and I think you could combine walks.  Where I have put “Stage” it means that is part of my Mansfield to Newark walk which isn’t given a separate walk number.

For the Map of the Walks Click Here

Walk 1 – Farnsfield  (The Acres)  Connects with Walks 2,3,4,6,8,14, 33   Stage 4

Walk 2 – Hexgreave   Connects with  Walk 1,3,5,6,7,

Walk 3 – Farnsfield and Edingley  Connects with Walks 1, 2, 6, 10

Walk 4 – Combs Wood   Connects with Walks 1, 8, 14, 33

Walk 5 – Farnsfield to Bilsthorpe Connects with Walks 1,2, 7, 18, 37,45,47

Walk 6 – River Greet walk from Southwell  Connects with Walks 1,2,3,16,38

  Connects with Walks 1,2,5

Walk 8 – Farnsfield to Robin Hood Hill   Connects with Walks 1,4,9,14, 33

Walk 9 Robin Hood Hill and Oxton  Connects with Walk 8

Walk 10 Roads and Tracks near Halam and Edingley  Connects with Walk 3,11,14,28,31  Stage 4

Walk 11 Southwell Trail and Norwood Park  Connects with Walk 10,14,28,29,33,50  Stage 4

Walk 12 Haywood Oaks and Blidworth  Connects with Walk 13,  Stages 2, 3, 34, 39

Walk 13 Farnsfield to Blidworth  Connects with Walks 12,17, Stages 2,3

Walk 14 Fields and Tracks near Greaves Lane  Connects with Walks 1,4,8,10,11,33 Stage 4

Walk 15 Blidworth and Rainworth  Connects with Walk 12,13 ,Stages 2,3, 34,43

Walk 16  Kirklington and Roe Wood  Connects with Walks 6, 25,47

Walk 17 Mansfield to Rainworth(Mansfield to Newark Stage 1) Connects with Walk 15  Stage 2

Mansfield to Newark Stage 2(Rainworth- Blidworth)   Connects with Walks 13, 17, 34 Stages 1, 3

Mansfield to Newark Stage 3  (Blidworth-Farnsfield) Connects with Walks 12,17, 34 Stages 2,4

Mansfield-Newark Stage 4(Farnsfield-Southwell) Connects with Walks 1,3,10,11,14,28,29,50 Stages 3,5

Connects with Walk 5, 37,45,47

Walk 19 and Mansfield-Newark Stage 5 (Southwell-Fiskerton) Connects with Stage 4, Walk 20, 32

Walk 20 Circuit of Southwell  Connects with Walks 4, 6,11,19,38  Stages 4,5

Walk 21 Oxton and Calverton  Connects with Walk 9

Walk 22 Fiskerton to Averham (Stage 6 of Mansfield to Newark): Connects with Walks 19, 23, 32,41

Walk 23 Averham to Newark (Stage 7 of Mansfield to Newark): Connects with Walks 22,27,42

Walk 24 Rainworth and Sherwood Forest:  Connects with Mansfield to Newark Stages 1,2 and Walk 15

  Connects with Walks 16,38,47

Walk 26: Upton and Micklebarrow Hill   Connects with walks 41,46

Walk 27: Kelham Hills and Kelham Hall: Connects with Mansfield to Newark Stage 7

Walk 28: Circuit of Halam Connects With Walks 10,11,31  and Mansfield to Newark Stage 4

Walk 29: Westhorpe of Southwell and Halloughton Wood  Connects with Walk 11 and Mansfield to Newark Stage 4

Walk 30: Edwinstowe, the Major Oak and the River Maun

Walk 31: Extra Loop for Walks from Halam via Holme Lane and Halam Beck Connects With Walks 10 and 28

Walk 32: Fiskerton the River Trent and Morton Connects with Walks 19, 22

Walk 33: From Farnsfield across the fields over Greaves Lane, returning via Cotton Mill Farm Connects with walks 1,4,8,10,11,14

Walk 34: Blidworth, Harlow and Fountaindale   Connects with walks 12,15,17  Mansfield to Newark stages 2,3

Walk 35: Ollerton, Wellow and Rufford Park

Walk 36: Bleasby and Hoveringham

Walk 37: Circuit of Eakring Connects with walks 5,18,45,47

Walk 38: Southwell, Maythorne and Winkburn Connects with walks  6,20,25

Walk 39: Blidworth Wood Almost connects with walk 12

Walk 40: Woodborough

Walk 41 : Upton, Staythorpe and Rolleston  Connects with walks 22,26,46

Walk 42: Newark, Queens Sconce and Newark Castle Connects with walk 23

Walk 43 – Tracks around Boundary Wood near Blidworth and Rainworth Connects with walk 15

Walk 44: Creswell Crags and the Harley Gallery

Walk 45: Circuit to the West of Eakring including the Robin Hood Way Connects with walks 5,18,37,47

Walk 46: Upton, Southwell and Rolleston along the River Greet Connects with walks 22,26,41

Walk 47: Duke’s Wood and Dilliner Wood  Connects with walks 5,16,18.25,37,45

Walk 48: Newstead Abbey, Papplewick and Linby

Walk 49: Laxton and the Three Field System

Walk 50: Halloughton and Brackenhurst Connects with Walk 11 and Mansfield to Newark Stage 4

Rather than listing all the connections from here on you can look at the main map to see which walks are close.

Walk 51: Epperstone

Walk 52: Sherwood Pines and Vicar Water

Walk 53: Newstead Abbey, Nomanshill Wood and Harlow Wood, Ravenshead

Walk 54 Clipstone and the River Maun

Walk 55: Egmanton, Laxton and Moorhouse

Walk 56: Hazel Gap and the Thynghowe Trail in Sherwood Forest

Walk 57: Ollerton, Boughton Brake and the River Maun

Walk 58:  Farndon and the River Trent

Walk 59: Rainworth and Strawberry Hill

Walk 60: Farnsfield Station and the White Post

Walks in Central Nottinghamshire: Walk 61 – Bilsthorpe and Inkersall

Walk 62 – From Epperstone Using Paths and Tracks by Woods, Hills and Fields

Walk 63: Haywood Oaks and Blidworth Woods

Walk 64: West from Halloughton to Fields and Ridge


THE ROBIN HOOD WAY (listed here in order going north along the Way) 

Walking The Robin Hood Way: Blidworth to Papplewick via Ravenshead

Walking The Robin Hood Way: Papplewick and Newstead Abbey to Blidworth

Walking The Robin Hood Way: Blidworth to Farnsfield

The Robin Hood Way: Farnsfield to Southwell via Robin Hood Hill

The Robin Hood Way: Southwell to Eakring

The Robin Hood Way: Eakring to Rufford Park and Edwinstowe

The Robin Hood Way: River Maun near Edwinstowe to Norton


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